EP-036 Setting Goals

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Set and accomplish your dreams this year in 4 steps!

  • This podcast takes you through a series of 4 steps to not only identify your goals, but how to reach them with fun and ease.
  • This podcast teaches you how goals can be done easily, but I also have them in 4 blogs on the website.  Dig in, click on, write down, have fun, and rock your goals this year!
  • This year I decided to shake things up a bit and use different description words and generally everything a lot more FUN!  I wanted to use my creativity and playfulness – we can sometimes be so stodgy, strict, and stick-in-the-muddy when it comes to making our serious goals.  Why?
  • I also decided that while I am serious about reaching my goals there wasn’t a reason on earth not to make them fun, playful, creative and attractive.  The Four Blogs featured in this podcast will be entitled Dream Big, Reflections, Bite Size Chunks, and Accountability.
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Blog Posts for Reaching Your Dreams!

Goal Posts 1 of 4

Goal Posts 2 of 4

Goal Posts 3 of 4

Goal Posts 4 of 4

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