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Miss America 1985 has kissed her share of frogs!  Now, I don’t mean that as a physical truism of course, but Sharlene Hawkes is author of the book, “Kissing a Frog” – Finding Comfort Outside of Your Comfort Zone which I have read and highly recommend.  Quoted as saying, “I decided when I was a girl I would never not do something because I was afraid”, she has lived by this law her entire life claiming nothing goes as planned, but she is the better for it.  Find out how you can replace the word “change” with “adventure”, that anything can be learned given “time and patience” and how you can take your stagnant pond to a growing, thriving ecosystem of amazing life!

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Sharlene Hawkes was born in Paraguay, later living in Ecuador, Chile, Mexico, but spent most of her teenage years in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is the only foreign-born Miss America (1985), and is an accomplished musician and published author. Ms. Hawkes and her husband, Bob, have four children and live in Centerville, Utah, where they enjoy skiing, biking, and camping.

Mz. Hawkes holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from BYU, and a Master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communication from the University of Utah. After college, she signed with ESPN and spent 16 years as an award-winning sportscaster there, covering such world-class events as World Cup Soccer, World Cup Skiing, the Kentucky Derby 1995-2004, the French Open, and Big 10 College Football 1990-1995. She was a host of College Gameday, World Cup Soccer Today, Scholastic Sports America, ESPN’s Sailing, and Great American Events. In her role as both producer and on-air talent, Ms. Hawkes has interviewed such celebrities as Peyton Manning, Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Larry King, Jackie-Joyner Kersee, Donald Trump, Pele, Diego Maradona, Tony Bennett, Mary Lou Rhetton, Troy Aikman, George Strait, and even Alice Cooper.

Since 2005, Sharlene Hawkes has been Chief Marketing Officer for StoryRock (the leading provider of core technology of digital content management), and President of its Division, Remember My Service (RMS) Military Productions. At StoryRock, she was one of the key individuals responsible for creating a new consumer software category of “digital scrapbooking” and introducing its initial first product, “My Memories.” StoryRock not only re-shaped the entire multi-billion dollar scrapbooking industry, but continues to produce the number one-rated digital content management technology available.

In 2006, in response to a request for digital content management assistance by the US Army Reserve 96th Regional Readiness Command, she founded the Remember My Service (RMS) Military Productions Division at StoryRock. Today, RMS is the Military’s only full service interactive, video production and book publishing provider. RMS has served over 500,000 veterans, and 400,000 service members in working with a variety of commands, from Navy Destroyers, to Stryker Brigade Combat Teams, to entire National Guards (including California, Florida, New York, Missouri, and Ohio) and Army Divisions.

Additionally, RMS has produced all educational and social media materials for Dept. of Defense Korean War 60th Commemoration, and their accompanying feature documentary The Remembered War was selected for the GI Film Festival 2014 in Washington D.C. RMS produced the Desert Storm 25th commemorative book and film, The Liberation of Kuwait, also selected for the GI Film Festival, and the Vietnam 50th book A Time to Honor: Stories of Service, Duty and Sacrifice and accompanying film The Journey Home, selected for the San Francisco Veterans Film Festival, and the SLO International Film Festival. RMS is an official partner of the Naval Historical Foundation, and is “Legion de Lafayette” lifetime member of the National Guard Association of the United States.

In support of the troops, Ms. Hawkes has traveled to forward operating bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, pulled 7.5 G’s in an F-16, and spent time aboard the aircraft carrier USS Vinson to better understand the service provided by our dedicated Service members. She was recently appointed by the Secretary of Defense to the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Service, and is an executive committee member for AUSA/ Utah region, and co-chair of the AMAR Foundation (Utah) working to rebuild lives in middle east conflict areas. In 2008, she founded “Project Gratitude”, an annual program that brings wives and daughters of fallen heroes to a complimentary VIP weekend at the Miss America Finals, where they are recognized as “Honorary Miss Americas” in a ceremony on the Miss America stage.

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