EP-022 Sharon McRae

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Sharon McRae will steal your heart and then give it back to you significantly healthier!  She is available for coaching all across the United States and abroad.  She is fun, full of life and abounding in tips to change your diet that will have you leaving the top killers of disease in the dust.  Helpful hint?  Check out her recipes on her website:  eatwell-staywell.com!

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Sharon McRae is a plant-based Certified Health Coach residing in Howard County, Maryland who has been applying principles of health and nutrition in her own life for more than three decades. She became a health coach to fulfill her passion of helping others feel their best and achieve and maintain optimal health. Sharon is also a certified instructor for the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine’s (PCRM) Food for Life program, teaching nutrition and cooking classes at locations throughout the community.  As a married mother raising three teenagers in a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle, Sharon is happy to share her practical tips for bringing the benefits of this healthful way of eating and living into any household.  Sharon offers nutrition and health coaching to clients and families and conducts special events such as workshops, seminars, and food store tours.  In addition, she started and runs a popular plant-based group, the Columbia MD Forks Over Knives Meetup Group, that has grown from under 20 to almost 900 members since it began in 2011.  The group meets monthly for delicious, healthy potlucks, with between 60 and 100 in attendance, as well as at local restaurants that serve oil-free plant-based meals upon request.

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