EP-077 Sherry Richert Belul

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Magical moments are happening to us and around us every day, but we can have blinders on that block them out.  How do we make an extraordinary life?  By practicing joy and celebrations in the every day extraordinary moments. Like Sherry, you might not be that naturally happy person, but you can create your own happy and then share that happiness with others.  This podcast is loaded with remarkable ideas, solutions, and of course, the amazing Freebie “The Love List Toolkit” that will have you celebrating yourself and the people you love in very simple ways.  Enjoy this uber-fun conversation and then find out more about Sherry Richert Belul at simplycelebrate.net!

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Sherry Richert Belul helps people celebrate everyday life and the people they love. Her company, Simply Celebrate, offers products and services that facilitate expressions of love and appreciation, with an emphasis on creative-not-crafty gift ideas. Simply Celebrate helps people love better by remembering to SAY IT NOW!

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