EP-056 Simi Botic

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Love that Simi Botic felt honored that if my dog snored under my desk during the interview (hubby out of town and puppies were with me on recording day) that she would be deeply honored.  It shows the true character of Simi as what I learned of her to be…a woman of character, kindness, and beauty.  Her story from corporate attorney to her own craziness around body image to the deep desire to help other women has me wanting to just hang out with her more often.  Luckily, you can hang out with her here on LLS for the next hour…enjoy!

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Simi Botic believes every woman deserves to feel confident in her body at any size, deeply know she is enough, and trust her intuition to guide her to live her authentic life. Simi is on a mission to help women to discover freedom, trust, and joy — around food, in their bodies, and most importantly in their lives — and to experience what is possible when they do. As a holistic health and lifestyle coach focused on intuitive eating and self care, she guides women all over the world to do just that.

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