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World 24-Hour Champion in mountain bike racing (along with numerous other mountain bike wins) and Whole Food Plant-Based Eater, Sonya Looney believes in being Brave and Doing Epic Shit.  In fact, it’s her slogan that she has used as her personal mantra for years!  Pushing past boundaries, being courageous in all aspects of life, her daily gratitude practice, her anti-inflammatory diet, not to mention her amazing love life with her dear husband Matt will inspire and empower you.  You might not feel up to riding a 24-hour, multi-day, 50-mile, or 100-mile mountain bike race after listening to this podcast, but there is no doubt you will smile and feel better for having listened.  Want more Looney?  Visit sonyalooney.com or visit Sonya on all of her highly active social media sites!

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It’s perseverance and attitude that have propelled Sonya across the Sahara Desert, Himalayas, jungles of Sri Lanka, and rural mountains of Haiti.  She is a professional mountain biker focusing on ultra-endurance and stage racing events around the world.  She has raced in over 20 countries and has more than 25 professional career wins.  Sonya is also the 2015 World 24-hour Champion.

Sonya is also an accomplished writer and motivational speaker.  She brings stories of determination, defining success, overcoming fear and doubt, and pure adventure into her bright and powerful keynote speeches across multiple industries.

When she’s not racing, Sonya enjoys long backcountry adventures, running her own media business, yoga, cooking plant-based food, photography, and playing guitar. She loves connecting with people and communities around the world- say hi to her on social media at sonyalooney or looneysonya!

  • Website:  sonyalooney.com
  • Social Media:  @sonyalooney on Twitter or @looneysonya on FB/Instagram

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