EP-017 Stephanie MacKenzie

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Female Entrepreneurs!  You need to hear this interview!  Stephanie MacKenzie’s interview was done while I was vacationing in Oregon!  Love that I can take this business anywhere!  While there is definitely a few glitches, you do not want to miss this incredible interview about taking your ideas and passions and turning them into income for you and your family.  Stephanie is living proof that it can be done!  Take the leap and join the movement!

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When Stephanie’s not birthing a 12-pound baby boy (yup that happened), she can be found digging up weeds in her vegetable garden, singing karaoke at the top of her lungs, or pretending to know how to play guitar.

She is a counseling degree graduate turned business coach and helps female entrepreneurs create and implement strategies to accomplish their HUGE business dreams.

Her favorite part of business coaching is being able to teach people something new and knowing that she’s impacted their ability to grow their business. With less than 4 months in business, she has already hit her first 5k month and has grown a super engaged and supportive community of over 800 members called the Extrava-not Entrepreneurs.

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