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Being loved shouldn’t hurt.  Stephanie’s first marriage almost left her dead on her wedding night and yet she tried desperately for another five years to make it work before finally finding the strength and courage to rescue herself.  It would take other life-changing events from losing relatives and legal issues to physical problems before she got her wake up call, but she was able to learn and find self-healing, self-love, and self-motivation through schooling, affirmations, her best friend (now her husband), and a thriving business.  She is out to help others find their own healing through relationship and dream coaching in her business called Mind and Body Awakenings and by telling her full story in her new book, Being Loved Shouldn’t Hurt, Recognize and Overcome Toxic Relationships So You Can Live Your Best Life.  In this podcast we talk all about her journey with a lovely session on “Quieting Your Doubt” which leaves you with tools and insights in 4 steps to start kicking self-doubt to the curb.  Stephanie McPhail is a wonder and a delight and I’m so happy to share her with you in this episode!

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Stephanie McPhail received her BS in Psychology from SUNY New Paltz and her double Master’s in Education and Health from Hofstra University.  Her experience working as a specialist, trainer and educator for a crisis intervention and suicide prevention hotline led to her passion for educating people on how to live their most fulfilling lives.

Her pursuit of continuing education led to additional certifications in nutrition, various teaching modalities,  and working with special needs children, all of which contributed to a well-rounded perspective on wellness.  Possessing an innate awareness of our energetic nature, Stephanie was led to become certified as a level 2 Reiki practitioner.  Recognizing a greater calling to inspire others to achieve results reflective of their true potential, she became a Transformational Coach and was certified as a Dream Coach®, enabling her clients to gain clarity on their true purpose and create a workable action plan to make their greatest dreams a reality. 

Mind and Body Awakenings

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