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The Void is real, but it is not the end.  Stephenie Zamora talks all about how we need to walk through our struggles and face our pain, instead of skirting the issue.  We are meant to be happy, but sometimes we want to throw positive affirmations in the fire place and watch them burn.  Difficulties are a certainty in our life, but Stephenie has found a way to help you through The Call of the Void with her brand new offering called Journey Mapping. She eats ice cream with a fork. She doesn’t use her pinkies for anything, even typing (yes, she knows that’s weird). She would make an excellent getaway driver, and I am honored to call her friend.  Enjoy this upfront and honest talk about dealing with our challenges and know that there is hope no matter where you might find yourself in your journey.

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Stephenie Zamora is an author and life coach, business and marketing strategist, and founder of CallOfTheVoid.tv. Here she merges the worlds of personal development, energy healing, intuitive coaching, writing, and mixed media art to help individuals rise up and come back from the darkest, hardest chapters of life. She guides her clients through the challenging process of re-orienting to their lives, relationships, and work in a way that’s fully aligned with who they’ve become in the aftermath of loss, trauma, depression, and big life changes. After struggling with PTSD, grief, and anxiety from a sudden and traumatic loss, she navigated her own difficult healing journey, and has set out to help others find the purpose of their own path using The Hero’s Journey as a framework.

Stephenie is the founder of Stephenie Zamora Media, the author of Awesome Life Tips®, creator of the Journey Mapping™ program, and is currently working on a second book, Unravel. Her work has been featured on The Huffington Post, Yahoo Shine, Elite Daily, Positively Positive, and many other publications over the years. Connect with her on FacebookInstagramYouTube, or at www.CallOfTheVoid.tv.

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