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Positive Psychology is NOT “Happiology”.  Teresa has been through her share of trials in life, not the least of which was overcoming a very real of flying.  (If you have this same fear, there is excellent news inside this podcast that can help you start the healing process immediately)  Teresa talks about her trials and more importantly what helped her through them.  Fear is a normal human emotion, but chronic fear causes anxiety.  Sadness is a normal human emotion, but chronic sadness can lead to depression. Positive Psychology can help!

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Teresa Starr grew up in the valley of the sun in Mesa, Arizona. She is a wife, mother, school teacher, and positive psychology practitioner. Teresa holds a degree in education and a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology. With her husband Rick, Teresa co-founded Positivity Life, where they specialize in training businesses and families to thrive at life and win at relationships. They do that both in live workshops, and on the internet at positivitylife.com.

Teresa’s favorite past time is spending time with her husband and 5 grown children and their spouses. They enjoy hiking, music, running, traveling and playing games together as a family. They also enjoy being active in the LDS faith.

Teresa Starr is also passionate about positive parenting and teaching kids! She believes that learning should be memorable and fun and has created a phonics-based, early literacy program for young children, called FUNetic Farm. It includes music, games, puppets and sign language, but the secret sauce she says is spelled, FUN for F-U-N!

The principles of positivity are very important to Teresa. From a very young age, she remembers her father teaching her about the link between faith and positive thinking.

When she first met her husband, Rick, she noticed that he too had an interest in the power that positivity can have in one’s life. She remembers fondly their very first date, talking all about the power of positive thinking as they hiked the Superstition Mountains in Arizona. They have spent the last 35 years building a marriage on faith, friendship, fun, persistence, hard work, and positivity. It hasn’t always been easy and they’ve definitely endured their share of bumps in the road but they’ve found that with every challenge has come an opportunity for growth and learning.

Through online courses and live workshops, Rick and Teresa share tools, techniques and strategies to help people WIN at Relationships and Thrive at Life.

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