EP-046 Traci DeForge

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Classy, fun, motivated, and inspirational.  These are the words I would use to describe Traci DeForge.  She has taken her life from burnout (a couple of times just to be sure) to bliss.  You will be touched by her honesty and transparency of self.  She is brave in her sharing and has now found the courage to help others along their journey as well.  Listen to this podcast and then go find her on her own podcast at Journey To There or visit her website for some one-on-one coaching at journeytothere.com.

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Traci DeForge is a strategist with a proven talent for creating marketing and business development strategy that produce results for a broad client base of small to medium sized local as well as national and international businesses in a variety of industries. Her consulting expertise generates National awards for her clients. She works with leaders and intact teams at companies such as Hilton, Marriott, British Airways and Google. Clients include Microsoft Small Business Server Division and Weight Watchers International. Traci expanded her consulting expertise and passion for creativity by producing and hosting the Journey to There radio show. The show provides inspiration and tactile tips on how to navigate the intersection between personal and business growth. Traci facilitates workshops and classes in cities all across the country including Stanford University, and has been featured on CNN and is a writer for Inc.com.

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