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Gray IS The New Blonde!  While you can find this as Victoria Marie’s new website and all of her social media AND in t-shirt/tank-top/hoodie form – the most exciting part of this is the “Gray is the New Blonde” documentary coming out this March!  More and more women are embracing their gray or celebrating their silver (whichever resonates more with you) and while not all women are taking this track (you do you), Victoria is here to support and empower those who are ready to make that transition. 

This documentary has been several years in the making supported by friends old and new, along with the literal blood, sweat, and tears needed to make such a historic film.  I’ve made the switch to gray and love it!  Will you?  Listen in and tell me what you think!  #GrayIsTheNewBlonde

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Producer/Director, Victoria Marie arrived in Los Angeles in December 2013 with nothing more than a dime and a dream. Determined to make her mark in the entertainment industry she realized after a year of struggling the only thing a fifty-something, gray-haired woman with only one movie credit and little training could do was create her own content. Hence, GRAY IS THE NEW BLONDE documentary was born!

With the help of her mom, Carol, who did all the photoshop wizardry, she created the Facebook page in the spring of 2015 and things began, albeit slowly to grow from there. Three and a half years later she has built an incredible team who are all just as excited as she is to see Gray Is The New Blonde become the awe-inspiring documentary she has seen in her mind’s eye since day one.

In her downtime, you can find Victoria at the gym pumping iron, at her happy place – the beach or binge-watching her favorite Netflix original series or movie. As a huge animal lover and activist, Victoria finds time in her busy schedule to care for her neighborhood stray and feral cats.

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