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Famous Amos Cookies founder, Wally Amos turned 80 years old this year!  Why did I allow a guy on the show?  Cause it’s Wally Amos!  This awesome man is a positivity icon that I look up to with deep respect.  He’s got humor, he’s got a positive attitude and he believes that the only thing that can get in our way is ourselves.  He also believes that we are the only ones that get in the way of our own success.  Have a listen and enjoy this lovely episode!

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Wally Amos is, “The Caretaker of the Taste.” He’s the William Morris talent agent who took his Auntie’s recipe for chocolate chip cookies, opened the world’s first gourmet cookie store, Famous Amos Cookies and became a famous and beloved figure in American pop culture.  Wally Amos declared that all products should be made from the finest and PUREST INGREDIENTS; the taste became renowned.  Then Wally famously lost his company. Subsequent corporations changed the ingredients, and the ORIGINAL RECIPE seemed lost. But people remembered the TASTE.  Wally has gone back to his original recipes and techniques and now the cookie that you have always remembered is back under Wally’s new brand name, THE COOKIE KAHUNA.  This interview deep dives into some dark moments of Wally’s past, how he lost his Famous Amos cookie company, how’s he’s now a positivity expert and the yummy, bite-sized cookies he’s out selling now under his new brand.

  • 5:29 – Ok, I stink at math folks…it’s 39, not 49!!

After re-listening to this beautiful interview I felt like it was more like sitting at the feet of my grandpa and listening to some of his life stories.  Just sit back, sit at the feet of Wally Amos who turned 80 this year and reminisce over his life, dreams, and positivity.  It is a blessing to enjoy!

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