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You are one book away from making a powerful change in your life.  The stories in this book will provide you with hope because if I can make it, anyone can.  I believe that.  Come on in and learn how I kicked negativity to the curb in what seemed like impossible situations.  Then dive into the 30-Day Power of Positivity Challenge and see how you can make a difference knowing that whatever your current circumstance, there is hope and happiness as soon as you reach the back cover.

I am living proof that this works.  I even give you some of the juicy details in the beginning part of this book through never before heard stories of my crazy life.  I’ve met hundreds of other women who are making this work in their lives through Lauri’s Lemonade Stand, A Positivity Podcast for Women.  I’ve Beta-tested this exact challenge with women who have seen the results of this book work in their lives.

I suggest there is a way to be a Positivity Powerhouse and to do it in a fun, real-life scenario way.  This book will teach you, step-by-step, in an easy-to-use format and reality-driven way, to add positivity into your DNA.  To make it such a part of you that you can’t help but share it with others.  Think a little bit of PollyAnna mixed with the powers of Wonder Woman and you’re on the right track.

I know that being positive seems hard,  I’ve been there too.  My life was full of “sucking lemons” moments.  These moments come in two forms; one, they are ones you’ve created yourself.  You chose the wrong path, made the wrong choice, you look back and you’re slapping the palm of your hand onto your forehead and saying, “Doh”! Or two, these moments are ones that people made for you. No matter your past, you can still find positivity in your future.

Using my background as a Certified Holistic Health Coach, I’d like to use what I call the Art of Holiatry (hoh-lee-a-tree) to break down being positive into bite-size chunks for you.  The Art of Holiatry is a triangle consisting of three points: Physical, Psychological, and Social.  The physical is about consuming nourishing foods, getting sufficient rest, and engaging in movement.  The psychological component encompasses integrating your mind and spirit (or intuition).  When you evaluate the physical and psychological aspects of yourself and see how these components manifest in the world, you can then look at the social leg of the triangle, which focuses on relationships.

Do you need a swift kick in the pants to get you jump-started into Positivity?  The 30-Day Power of Positivity Challenge at the end of this book will give it to you.  Do you want 30 new song ideas for your Positivity Playlist?  You got it!  Do you want to add positivity into ALL areas of your life?  From Psychological to Physical to the Social? You will get 10 days to uplevel each!  Simply

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