Afraid of Change?

Are you afraid of change?
Mindset Shifts

Are you afraid of change? I am learning to embrace it and wanted to share my thoughts with you.  I will admit that when I’ve made plans to do something and those plans got disrupted?  I fight change.  Which in hindsight is always silly because those plans being disrupted always brings about a better change then what I had planned anyway.  Even if I don’t see the immediate results in that moment.  Let me tell you a story.
Recently, our church went through a HUGE change.  Our city and the neighboring city comprised our geographical area which was broken into several smaller areas that met together on Sundays.  Due to new housing projects and just the changing of times it became necessary to change those geographical boundaries and let me tell you, there was serious resistance to these plans.  
Some families had been in the same area for 20-30 years and did not like the idea of being moved around.  Me?  When I first heard there was going to be a change my heart leapt in excitement!  I immediately felt like it was the right thing to do and couldn’t wait to hear the changes.  Now here we are 6 months later and some people are still griping, moaning, and complaining about being “plucked from there area and dropped into another one”.  Keep in mind, NOBODY MOVED.  Everyone is still living in their same house.  It’s not like they lost a neighbor and would never see them again.  They just met with new people on Sundays.  
But sometimes change is hard and we don’t want to accept it, right?  
These past few weeks I have attended conferences and trainings and read books that have shifted my mindset about several things that I wanted to share with you today.
The first is the mindset of abundance in my life.  This inspiration came from Lisa Nichols who is the owner of Motivating the Masses and author of Abundance Now.  This gal is from South Central LA, was pregnant and then her baby’s father went to jail for a life term.  She had every reason to not feel abundance.  We would not blame her for wanting to just sit and wallow in it.  It would be her just due.
But she didn’t sit and wallow in it.  She got food stamps once and was so humiliated and embarrassed by it she determined that would never happen to her again.  She did not want to feel that way again.  It took time, but she made a mindset shift that changed her life and the life of not only her son, but her entire family.  
Here’s the kicker with Lisa…she started thinking abundantly when her and her son were in a tiny apartment eating beans and franks and they played as if they were the best chefs in the world.  You absolutely must THINK it before it becomes a reality.  That reality?  Lisa now owns a publicly traded company and her son is a French Chef.  Mindset Matters!
The other mindset shift is service.  WE DO NOT have to render service on a grand scale to make it count.  You do not have to be equivalent to Mother Teresa to make it count.  It doesn’t have to be covered on the local or national news to make it count, but service is a mindset shift that absolutely needs to happen.  Service keeps us humble and connected, period.
Please, please, please try service out in your own backyard.  I’m not even talking about your neighbor’s backyard although that would be the next obvious step.  I’m talking about right inside the walls of your own home.  How can you be of service to your spouse?  Your children?  Your parents?
Lately I have felt that I needed to serve my husband more.  He is crazy awesome and supports me through ANY endeavor I am currently pursuing.  He not only encourages me, but actively listens and is supporting in all that I do.  I could never repay his kindness, but I wanted him to feel just as supported as he made me feel.
Eddy is the dishwasher in our family so I’ve made it a point to help with the dishes more over the last few weeks.  I’ve tried to walk the dogs a few times per week as that is his other chore.  I even went as far as bringing him breakfast in bed last weekend and lunch to him when he was up relaxing that same afternoon.  It yields great results!  Just his smile warms my heart and makes me happy!
Let’s go back to the boundary changes at church.  How could that have been made easier for all involved?  MINDSET SHIFTS!  Instead of saying, poor me and what will I lose by this we need to say, WOW!  This is so exciting!  I’m not moving anywhere so I still get to keep my same friends and neighbors and then have the opportunity to meet people I’ve never met before.  I will be able to not only learn and grow myself, but be able to support others on this new journey.  What a wonderful thing to happen in my lifetime!
What if we feel we are lacking in abundance?  MINDSET SHIFT!  Gratitude is your first line of defense.  Start be feeling grateful for what you have.  Have a roof over your head?  You are in abundance!  Have food and clothing?  You are in abundance!  Start with what you have first and then create the mindset that you can be in greater abundance to achieve greater abundance.  You have to THINK it before it becomes a reality.

Feel guilty about not doing a grand gesture of service?  MINDSET SHIFT!  Start in your own backyard.  There is always, always, always service to be rendered in some small way.  Smile.  Hold your tongue when you want to say something critical. Make your teenager’s bed one day this week.  Bake cookies just for the heck of it.  Take your family on a bike ride or make s’mores in your fireplace!  The sky’s the limit, folks!

Whatever you decide to change in your mindset this week, I hope you try it out and come back and share your results here.  My goal is help you in your journey.  To make plans for your next chapter and then rock those plans like crazy!  Wishing you hope and empowerment…


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