Do Small Things with Great Love

Do Small Things with Great Love

Small Things = Big Change

This wooden plaque sits on my desk and was given to me by my middle daughter, Dayle. It is a constant reminder that to do big things, it takes a hundred small steps to get there. Because Lauri’s Lemonade Stand is a new venture for me and I took a leave of absence to get it started, I was really worried about bringing in income in a timely manner. Really worried. It wasn’t until I was confronted with a business coach about it that I realized I needed to remember my “why” in starting this journey to begin with. My goal is to be of service to women, period.

My plan is to do that by using three main hubs: Speaking, Writing, and Podcasting.

My podcast is meant to be a hub of beautiful, talented, knowledgeable women whom I interview to bring about change in you or to just hear a romantic love story, or even a tragic one so that we realize we are not alone in our journey. Some of them are just plain fun like learning how to geocache from Irene Thomas. Most are inspirational and motivating to the hilt.

My speaking is geared towards women in which I tell a bit about my story and then give actionable tips to put into practice right now to get up, get moving, and be your own best friend in finding your “Happy Middle”.

My writing is simply creative joy and pleasure for me. I love to write about what I’m thinking or review someone else’s thinking for that matter.

All this said, I was worried about money. After my little confrontation and remembering my “why” (to serve you!), I decided that I would make 2017 my year of service. I would simply go out and serve. I would find the best of the best to interview on my podcast, do 10 FREE speeches this year, and continue to write my blog and work on my first book.

The moment (I mean the very moment down to the second) I made that decision, a burden was lifted and I felt free from the pressures of making money this first year and just be a volunteer of service doing what I do best – connecting with other women to help them into the next chapter of their lives.

And this is where it gets interesting…about 2 1/2 weeks after making that decision I’ve all of a sudden been approached by three different companies on joint venture programs. What?? You mean all I had to do was let go? By taking that first step of service towards others, and deciding to make this my year of service, all of a sudden windows and doors are opening that I had no idea would happen.

Small adjustments, small changes make the difference. Learning a new perspective, taking baby steps towards your goal. Letting go and doing small things with Great Love make all the difference.


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