Curiouser and Curiouser…

Curiouser and Curiouser…

Remember this line from Alice in Wonderland? 

This week I’ve been reminded of this phrase from two different sources which makes me think I should pay attention to what it means for me! What does it mean for you?

The first source was from Stephenie Zamora’s Awesome Life Tips that I receive in my inbox every single day. This one was from last Sunday:

“Be curious about others (and that doesn’t mean be nosy). Seek to understand who they are, where they’re coming from and why they think or feel the way they do. We’re all so amazing and different…by using curiosity to learn about others, you’re expanding yourself in ways you can’t even imagine.”

I have a new friend here in Arizona who I’ve observed in and around all sorts of people from kids to older adults and she is constantly asking them questions to get to know them better. What an amazing gift! She has taken Stephenie’s tip to heart.

The second source was the book “Undaunted” by Kara Goldin who is the Founder and CEO of Hint Water that I’ve been fortunate enough to have on my podcast, Lauri’s Lemonade Stand. I finished it yesterday!

For Kara, being curious was a natural gift that she kept on cultivating throughout her life. It helped her decide which job to take, which college to attend, when it was time to move on from one chapter of her life and into another. Ultimately, it was the foundation (curiosity and lots of grit!!) that kept her creating what I would consider the healthiest and tastiest water out there!

The takeaway for me has been to never stop asking questions or making connections with people. Be resourceful, be kind, be curious, ask why like any two year old can’t stop doing!

What does being more curious mean to you?

Be Cheerful!

Be Cheerful!
Time Traveling, Smiling, Connecting
     My purpose in writing today is to help you establish some guidelines in your life that will bring you peace, enjoyment and cheerfulness.  I love the phrase, “Be Cheerful!”.  When I picture being cheerful, I picture myself smiling and enjoying the moment I’m in right there.  No time traveling to the day or months or even years before or focusing on the days, months, or years ahead.  Just being cheerful in the moment.  Right now.
     I’d like to make three simple suggestions that if you commit to today will bring you happiness and cheerfulness into your life.
     1)  No more time traveling.  Unless you get a crazy, awesome DeLorean like in Back to the Future, time traveling is not a good idea.  I’m not even sure it’s a good idea in Back to the Future, but definitely not good for your thoughts and feelings of today.  Yesterday is gone.  The mistakes are gone.  Tomorrow will never get here so all you can focus on is today.  The old adage of One Day at a Time is truly relevant for everyone, not just for those in 12-step programs.

Back to the Future

     2)  Smile.  Make a conscience effort to smile, even if no one can see you.  About a million and a half years ago I had a job as a telemarketer that lasted for about half a second.  Part of the training was to smile during your call.  Why?  No one could see me!  That was just silly and ridiculous to me.  But it worked!  If you don’t believe me, try talking on the phone without smiling and then smiling.  Your countenance just changes…for the better.  Don’t take my word for it…try it.

Smile Increases your Face Value

     3)  Commit to human connection.  And no, sitting in front of your television watching other humans does not count.  Interacting with other human beings simply boosts your spirits, even if the connection is you having to call and whine to your best friend, or cry on the shoulder of that friend during a visit, make the connection.  When I have been truly down in the dumps my gut reaction is to hole up and disappear like a hermit crab in it’s shell.  I block out everyone and everything until I feel better.  Not healthy to say the least.  I still have that tendency, but have beautiful friends who can break my shell and have me standing upright soon enough.


     I want to write more suggestions, but don’t want to overwhelm you either.  If you have a problem with negativity, sadness, feelings of being a failure, take a minute to acknowledge that moment and ask yourself how you can be cheerful about something else.  I’m not saying it’s easy, but it can be done if you focus on these three things.  Commit to yourself today.  Be in the moment, smile, link arms with your best friend and have a beautiful day!
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