The Gift IS The Anticipation
     As I have mentioned numerous times before, I am a complete movie nerd.  I’m not good at movie trivia or remembering actors or actresses names or what year this or that movie came out, but I can watch them until the cows come home (and secretly I hope they don’t!).  The movie industry has me hooked with anticipation

     In my phone is a list called “Movie Fun”.  At the top of the list are movies coming out that I want to see.  I’ve seen the trailer, loved it, and it goes on my list along with the day it hits theaters.  Next comes the movies on my wishlist for my home library.  If the movie isn’t out on DVD quite yet, the day it does come out is listed right next to it with eager anticipation!

     What is it about anticipation that gets us hooked?  The excitement leading up to our birthdays.  The eve of holidays, especially Christmas.  The sequel to your favorite book or movie.  The sequel to your favorite television series (even if it’s Lost and the ending really didn’t tie up all the loose ends that they had promised).

     The more I thought about anticipation, the more I realized that it is almost more exciting then the actual event.  Anticipation is powerful.  Inevitably, the actual event is much shorter than any waiting I did leading up to it.  I literally have a movie on my list right now that doesn’t come out until Summer 2016 and it’s already been on there a couple of months!  That is a HUGE anticipation period considering the movie will be less than two hours.

I’m spending weeks preparing for Christmas.  Even if I counted the full 24 hours of that day instead of the 16 or so hours I will actually be awake, it’s a lot of prep time in comparison to the actual celebration.

If all of what I said holds true, then the excitement of anticipation is our journey.  
Let me explain.  What are you working towards right now?  Big or small?  My current journey is of being a rockstar podcaster.  I can see it as if it were a trailer to my own podcasting movie.  
I picture myself talking with the people who have already agreed to be on my podcast.  
I picture my office all set up how I have planned                                                                                     and sponsors knocking down the door to have                                                                                         their message on my show.

     What is your current journey that fills you with anticipation?  Are you embracing your journey towards your ultimate goal?  What is your ultimate goal?  How far away is it?  Can you see it as a trailer in your mind of your own movie?  

     The journey can require hard work.  Learn to love this work.  It is our anticipation journey to be embraced, loved, smiled at.  I believe anticipation is the motivating factor for me trying so many things in my life.  I have been and done so many awesome things.  It has been an incredible journey and I can hardly wait to see what’s around the corner for me.  I can hardly wait to see where your journey takes you.

     May your journey be filled with the anticipation of a future rockstar.  Enjoy the anticipation, set a goal to achieve, start your anticipation journey now.  May it be a healthy, happy road less travelled.


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