Sharing My Complete Joy With You

Sharing My Complete Joy With You
Coming to a Podcast Near You!

I had the opportunity to chat with a couple of my brothers this week.  (I have seven!)  They were calling me asking for advice about one thing and support about another.  So far, I’ve been able to help them both!  I love being useful, helpful, resourceful where needed, and just plain cool cause that’s what older sisters are.
There was a moment when I got off the phone with one of them and I had this feeling of complete joy.  It’s almost giddy and it makes me smile a mile wide and want to run to the next thing to help with to feel it again and again.
As I have been creating Lauri’s Lemonade Stand I’ve realized that I really like those joyful moments.  I want to create more of them and use my Lemonade Stand as the vehicle for my vision of helping others.  So here on this blog I want to share my mission statement with you for the very first time in public anywhere.  Drum roll, please…
I want to offer easy to incorporate, practical steps to women over 40 who are in a slump with who they are and who they want to be when they grow up.  I want to give them the option to re-create or enhance themselves through measurable, actionable steps so that they are empowered to do great things.
And to just plain have fun while doing it!  I have lots of ideas and while my blog is awesome and keeps me grounded, and Facebook is definitely a blast for me as for as a quick information vehicle, I want and need to reach a bigger audience.  So guess what?
I’m going to start a podcast!  I’m also going to start a funny weekly VLOG as well just for the simple fact that it sounds fun and silly to me to do what I have planned.  Just wait until you see it!
The podcast will be featuring guests who will provide some of those actionable steps to help bring more order and joy via positivity to your life.  The VLOG will simply just be me being me and giving some sound advice on organizational tips around the house that free up my time for other things and that other ladies are always asking me how I do.

Get ready for a fun ride!  This is going to be a blast for me and I look forward to being useful, helpful, resourceful where needed, and just plain cool, cause that’s what us women over 40 do for each other.  Get ready for complete joy!


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