What’s Your Morning Routine?

My Morning Routine
     It’s something akin to a reality show, but it seems like as soon as someone becomes famous one of the questions that everyone asks is “what is your morning routine”?  It strikes me as kind of funny, kind of personal, but mostly just…what the heck?  
     So if I start doing a morning routine such as the ones I’ve read about recently…John Lee Dumas, Brene’ Brown, Tim Ferriss…will I become successful like them or somehow become more like them?  I’m not really sure, but because it seems to be all the rage right now and I can’t stop smiling about it, I decided I would post my weekday morning routine.  (Maybe it’s just a right of passage in becoming famous..haha!)
     Maybe, somehow by osmosis or some other crazy nonsense world like that of Alice in Wonderland, you will adopt my morning routine and instantly become happier, more positive, full of organizational skills or I don’t know…save the world!  Let’s try it and see what happens and I would love to hear your results!
     –  Wake up approximately 4:52am.  (I don’t use an alarm as my natural rhythms just wake me up on time…jealous?)

     – Grab my workout clothes I have laid out from the night before and take them in the bathroom with me while I use the potty and change my clothes.  In between the changing of clothes I weigh myself to make sure I’m staying within my Bright Line Eating plan by Susan Pierce Thompson.

     – Brush my teeth with non-fluoride toothpaste from Tom’s using my Phillips Sonicare toothbrush (dad and brother are dentists and they highly recommend it), brush my retainers (yep, I faithfully wear them every night), floss with Oral-B Satin, take my thyroid medication, give my dog his thyroid medication (don’t they say that the dogs become like their owners…poor little dude), straighten up my nightstand from the night before.
     – Put my clothes in the hamper and hug my hubby while he is still in bed as he has hit snooze at least 2-3 times by now and needs the wake-up call.  This is seriously one of the favorite parts of my morning.
     – Turn on the hall light and wake up my daughter at 5:20am as we need to leave the house by 5:45am to get her to early morning seminary by 6am.  (If you turn on the light in her room she becomes like a Gremlin and gets super grumpy yelling, “bright light, bright light”!  Better to just turn on the hall light to keep the peace.)
     – Go downstairs and make my daughter breakfast, pack her lunch, fill her water bottle.  Check the weather using the Wunderground app on my phone as our bedrooms are “no-tech” zones and have been left downstairs all by their lonesome all night.

     – 5:40am – Daughter and hubby and puppies all come downstairs for morning family prayer and then daughter and I are off to seminary.  (She is driving now as she has her learner’s permit and needs the practice.)
     – By 6am I am either heading home to workout or I workout in the church parking lot because it’s my turn to drive the carpool to school.  The workout includes one of three things:  15 min ab workout from NTC with 7 min butt workout and sit-ups because I will then be mountain biking that afternoon (My hubby and I help coach the local high school mountain bike team…how cool is that?) or I’m doing a 15 min NTC workout and then a short run of 2-3 miles or it’s Friday and I’m doing yoga.

     – Next is my morning tonic which consists of 1/4 tsp turmeric, 1/4 tsp ginger, 1 tsp raw organic apple cider vinegar, 1 1/2 tsp lemon juice mixed with 8 oz of filtered water.
     – While I’m trying to get my tonic down (I sip, my husband chugs) I read my scriptures, write in my 5-minute Journal by ALEX IKONN and UJ RAMDAS and say my personal morning prayers.  It’s the perfect way to start off the day with positivity!

     – By this time it’s about 7:30am and I’m off to the showers!  I switch between Shimmer Lights Shampoo by Clairol because I’ve embraced my gray hair and Complete Care Clear Shampoo.  I use cheap Soft-soap Pomegranate liquid soap with a loofah and my Clairsonic with sensitive skin Dove soap on my face.  My razor? Gillette from Costco!
     – I dress mostly in comfy clothes and tennies for the day unless I am meeting with a client or friend and then it’s dressy casual.  I love Bath and Body Works lotions that are usually coconut or mango based just for my arms, feet, and legs.  I use Primal Pit-Paste (Orange Creamsicle Flavor) for my deodorant as it’s the only one that works for me and doesn’t have any dirty ingredients in it.  No make-up for me…my eyeliner is tattooed on and my lashes are extensions that get filled every 3 weeks.
     – I always get asked about my hair and hair products so I figured they deserved their own line here.  I use Joico Joiwhip mousse, Sexy Hair Hard Up gel, Paul Mitchell’s Freeze and Shine hairspray and finish with TRESemme’ Level 4 hairspray.  Sometimes I use a blow-dryer and sometimes not…my hair is finicky and acts different every day so it just depends.
     – 8am is breakfast time!  I have 6oz of brown rice with 4oz unsweetened almond milk, cinnamon, 1oz Laura Scudder’s peanut butter, and 1 banana sliced up.  I love it!  I usually FaceTime my oldest daughter and 2 grandkids while I eat.
     – Then it’s a quick straighten up of the house either switching laundry, tidying up, doing a few dishes, paying bills…whatever and by 9am I’m in my studio working.
Holy smokes, batman!  Now that I’ve written it all down it seems crazy!  Just a normal wife, mompreneur and lover of life here.  I feel more accomplished already! I loved being able to share links to some of my “favorite things” and hope you are able to utilize some of them in your daily life.

Share your morning routine with me or if nothing else, write it down…you are amazing and beautiful!  Thank you for keeping up with me here on Lauri’s Lemonade Stand.  Love you all!

Where I buy all of my stuff:

     Tom’s No-Fluoride Toothpaste – Lassen’s or Amazon.com
     Oral-B Satin Floss – Target
     Phillip’s Sonicare Toothbrush and Refills – Amazon.com
     Shimmer Lights Shampoo by Clairol – Local Beauty Supply Store
     Joico JoiWhip Mousse – Supercuts when they have an awesome sale!
     Paul Mitchell’s Freeze and Shine – Supercuts when they have an awesome sale!
     TreSemme’ Level 4 Hairspray – Target
     Softsoap Body Wash and Sensitive Skin Dove Bar – Target
     Clairsonic and Brush Refills – Amazon.com
     Gillette Razor and Refills – Costco
     Brown Rice, Cinnamon, Organic Bananas and Laura Scudder’s Peanut Butter – Costco
     Unsweetened Almond Milk by Almond Breeze – Sprouts


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